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Lungi Premier No1 Dhoti

Play with Colors

  • Made Out of 100% Cotton
  • Digital Printed Fabrics
  • Wide Range of Exotic Collections!
  • Finest Crafted Lungies for Extreme Comfort
  • Long-Lasting & Durable
  • Length & Width: 2 mts X 127 cms

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Play with Colors

It is a Printed Cotton Lungi with 2 mts x 127 cms in size with wide range of Exotic Collections. Finest crafted lungies for Extreme comfort with Premium Export quality

1. Is it Cotton?

Premier No.1 lungis are 100% cotton

2. What is Play with Colors?

The lungi product in Premier No.1 is said to be as play with colors

3. Where can I purchase these Lungis apart from the website?

We have listed our products on the marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart and etc

4. What are the color options available?

We have around 8 color patterns available on our lungis

5. Do I receive the same product as in the image?

Yes, you will receive the same lungi pattern and color as of in the image

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