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Mahasamrat- Anti Wrinkle Anti Stain Premier No1 Dhotie

Mahasamrat- Anti Wrinkle Anti Stain Double Layered Chiffon Dhoti (Fine Polyester)

  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Size: 3.70 mts x 127 cms
  • Assorted: Border Color Options
  • Segment: Premium - Wrinkle-free
  • Hand and Gentle Machine Wash Only
  • Do Not Wash, Along with Color. Do Not use Blue or Bleach
  • Do Not Iron

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Compact to pack

Quick dry


Multiple washes


It is a Double layer white Polyester Anti-wrinkle and Anti-stain Dhotie providing an excellent finish with Stain Guard. The material is 100% Polyester and has a minimum length of 3.70 meters and a maximum of 127 centimeters width, all assorted in attractive and bright border colors. It is a wrinkle-free premium product designed with the perfect finish. Wash only by hand or with a gentle machine. It is not recommended to wash this product with colors. Please do not use blue, bleach, or iron.

1. Is the anti stain guard in mahasmrat also produced from tea, coffee and chocolates from dhoti?

Yes, It can be protected from all kind of stains

2. How many border color options in mahasmrat anti wrinkle and anti stain dhoti?

Mahasmrat anti wrinkle and anti stain dhoti has eight color border options they are green, maroon, royal blue, golden yellow, navy blue, mustard, bright green, red.

3. How many color borders are there?

We have Royal Blue, Dark green, Bright green, Dark Mustard, Golden yellow, Navy Blue, Maroon, Red.

4. Can I get a customized dhoties?

No, we are not doing customized dhoties, but we are planning to do in the future.

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