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Premier No1 |Linen Shirts

Men's Plain white Shirt

  • Material:100% cotton 
  • Segment: Men's Plain white Shirt
  • Hand and Gentle Machine Wash Only
  • Do Not Wash, Along with Color. Do Not use Blue or Bleach

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Men's Plain White  Formal Shirt

Formal Linen shirt with a regular collar, wide pocket are tailored in a prestigious fit. This shirt is available in full sleeves. This shirt will complement your appearance and be comfortable to wear. Ideal for use in the office, social gatherings, and functions. The material is 100% Linen and size of 36 . Wash with a gentle machine. It is not recommended to wash this product with colors. Please do not use blue, bleach, or iron. The color of the product is selected at the manufacturer's discretion.

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